Videos: no curation, just all of them

Short shorts

Samantha cooks us a foraged meal

Where does your food come from Samantha?

Daikon Radishes

Elaine Mandrona Makes a Mask

Alicia's Post Apocalyptic Garden

Family Cow

Where luffa sponges come from

Alicia Eat Your Uglies

Snow Scoop vs Snow Blower

Food Production Skills Project

Beekeeping with Brian Pond

Fireweed Jelly with Shelly Shantz

Family Cow with Hannah Buschhaus

Alicia Clarkson Urban Farmer

Hugelkultur avec Stephane Coutourier

Conservation de semmences avec Norbert Robichaud

Un pêcheur commercial avec Stephan Leblanc

Laying Ducks with Charline Kavenaugh

Sheep Farming with Moranda Van Geest

Foraging with Samantha Christensen

Garden Art Lesson Plans: A season of crafts and activities for young gardeners

Lesson 01 Seed Mosaics

Lesson 04 Fimo Leaf Impression Pendants

Lesson 07 Decoupage Treasure Boxes with Herb Sachets

Lesson 10 Harvest Feasts Menus

Lesson 02 Painted Flower Pots

Lesson 05 Pollinators

Lesson 08 Scarecrow Garden Protector

Lesson 11 Garden Journal

Lesson 03 Garden Marker Stones

Lesson 06 Watercolour Oil Pastel Green Resist

Lesson 09 Block Printed Harvest Bags

Featured Community Food Mentors — work for Food for All NB

Olivia Clancy

Erica Ward

Anne Driscoll

Jossilynn Flewelling

Alya Vautour

Elaine Mandrona

Janice Irvine-Meek

Bill Farrow

Gail Farnsworth

Shelley Shantz

Lise Fournier

Annie Savoie

Louise Hartley

Dilys Toole

Michelle Davidson-Leger

Greg Osowski

Work for Our Food SENB

The Nutritious Food In Our Schools Video Project

La Promesse alimentaire SENB

The SENB Food Pledge